Baruch HaLevi, (also known as "Rabbi B"), has dedicated his life to helping others turn challenges into opportunities and darkness into light when faced with life's most pivotal, difficult or devastating crossroads.

dr rabbi baruch halevi


Baruch HaLevi is a Life Coach, motivational speaker and inspirational author, guiding thousands of people through life's most important, difficult and pivotal transitions. He is the creator of The Soul's Calling soul coaching program, and co-creator of Mystical Mourning, an 8-day grief guidance program. Through his book, Spark Seekers: Mourning with Meaning; Living with Light, he chronicles his personal accounts with tragedy, the soul searching that followed thereafter, and how through discovering the opportunities within his crossroads has changed his life and enabled him follow his true calling to help others see the light in the darkness. 

Time and again I have seen people reclaim their power as they pro-actively and purposefully face their crossroads, enter their darkness, and arrive on the other side having grown from it. They’ve opened their heart through it, and discovered beauty and blessings within its depths. And it simply comes down to a choice.
— Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi

Baruch's Story


When Baruch was 15 years old, his paternal grandmother died by suicide. Over the next two decades Baruch would witness his beloved father, Shelly, slowly come undone. After nearly 20 years of struggling, lacking the proper guidance or tools to work through his grief, Shelly followed in his mother's footsteps and ended his own life. 


The tragic demise of his father shook Baruch to his core, bringing him to the worst crossroads he could have ever imagined, sending him into a period of darkness and despair. As painful as this period was, Baruch knew in his heart that he had a choice to make. He would either remain a victim, allowing the darkness to dictate the course of his life and his family's destiny, or he would choose to face the darkness, break his family's tragic cycle, and transform that darkness into light. 


Baruch set forth on a journey in search of understanding, insights and tools to live a more meaningful, fulfilled and pro-active life. His search took him into the depths of numerous philosophical, religious and spiritual traditions and practices, western psychology, self-help and new-age thinking. Ultimately, Baruch's passion for spirituality, motivational speaking and counseling coalesced into his decision to become a rabbi. For over 15 years Baruch, known affectionately to his community as, "Rabbi B,"  has worked to radically reclaim the synagogue as a center of inclusiveness and welcoming, and Judaism as an accessible source of spirituality to all. As a rabbi, Baruch built one of the most vibrant, visionary and inspiring synagogues in America. During this time he also earned his doctoral degree in counseling, affording him greater opportunity to harness his true passion of counseling, coaching and guiding others through all of life's opportunities, obstacles, challenges and tragedies. 


Over the years, Baruch realized the deep need for a methodical yet flexible, spiritual yet grounded, practical yet sophisticated pathway for people to turn to for help navigating through their time of confusion, dilemma, suffering or need.  The Soul's Calling is the culmination of his personal journey and professional experience. It is a systematic counseling and coaching program designed to guide others, particularly women at midlife, to transform the void they feel in their lives into their power to discover their authentic purpose and live their soul's calling. Baruch now devotes himself exclusively to inspiring the world, and guiding his clients, helping them find their Soul's Calling. 


The suicide of my grandmother was a tragedy, However, the ensuing darkness that descended upon my father, was tragedy compounded. It didn’t have to be this way. There was another way, and I have spent my personal and professional life discovering, living, teaching and now formulating that way.
— Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi