Are you seeking a new way to deal with the growing void at the center of your life?

Do you wish to thrive not in spite of life's obstacles, but because of them?

Do you want to discover your authentic purpose for being here?

Do you want to transform your life into a Journey of Soul?


Drawing upon ancient wisdom, modern therapeutic techniques, self-development tools, spiritual practice and insights, Baruch HaLevi's coaching program, The Soul's Calling, is a unique, holistic mind-body-spirit coaching program designed to help you discover your authentic purpose, realize your full power and move forward with a renewed sense of direction, listening to and living out your Soul's Calling. 


Who is The Soul's Calling Designed For?

THE Soul's Calling IS DESIGNED FOR women who are facing a mid-life transition, struggle or "void" Within Their life.

The void is a growing sense of emptiness, an insatiable feeling that you are here for something more, that you have a greater purpose waiting to be realized. THAT VOID IS YOUR INVITATION TO DISCOVER YOUR SOUL'S CALLING! 

Your Soul's Calling

You have a fingerprint that is uniquely yours, and equally, you have a soulprint which is yours and yours alone.

Throughout history this soulprint has been refereed to by many names. The Romans called it your genius. The Greeks called it your psyche.  In Judaism it is called, neshama, and in Kabbalah it is called the Divine spark. Christianity calls it soul;  Hinduism,  Atman; Buddhists call it original nature or big self. Quakers call it the inner teacher or the inner light. Humanists call it identity and integrity. It is referred to as authentic self, higher self, spirit, essence.... It doesn't matter what you call it. All that matters is that you are it. In the words of C.S. Lewis, "You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

You are a soul and your soul has a calling!

And while we are all born a soul, with our unique calling and particular purpose, we are born into a body (self) and that makes things complicated. For a thousand different reasons, and in endless ways, we forget our essence, we drift from our purpose and, from time to time, we lose our way. Particularly within the first half of our life, as we are dominated by our "self" - our physical body, our outward pursuits and our material needs, we place our attention on areas that tend to take us further from our soul and it's calling.

However, often when we approach, or are immersed, within mid-life, we begin to experience a growing void within us as we pursue the self and all of it's endless wants and insatiable needs. If we are fortunate, we begin to realize that this void is not a curse, but a blessing, not a roadblock to happiness, but a pathway to purpose. If we are willing to stop running from, denying or hiding the void, we will soon discover that the void is our invitation to leave behind our Journey of Self and formally begin our authentic purpose in this lifetime - to live our Soul's Calling.