Over the years I’ve spoken with a number of counselors who all offer helpful advice. However, I have never spoken with someone who has such insight, sincerity and wisdom as B. He’s been able to take my rambling thoughts and give me a clear picture of what’s going on. Working with the framework he’s provided is enabling me to regain some focus and structure for my own path. If you’re feeling lost, uncertain, or just don’t know what’s next for you, give yourself the gift of some sessions with Rabbi B. Although I have a lot of work to do, I feel like I have a plan and the guidance I need to make the most of the next phase of my life. Give it a try, it will change your thinking and your direction in a very short time.
— Betty Ann Dean
[Baruch] is a true gift. He is a beautiful mix of intuitive, wise, compassionate and REAL. Whether you are struggling with an issue, grief, or just questioning the meaning of life he will help you with his kind words and enlighten you with his unique perspective.
— Dr. Gina Gentilini
The personal life experiences that [Dr. HaLevi] shares in session and also in his book, helped to normalize my anger, rage and ultimately, intense sadness after my loss. Those shared experiences helped me feel not so alone in my grief response. I have received counseling/ life coaching off and on throughout my life. The experience with [Dr. HaLevi] far exceeded what I envisioned to be possible in a counseling experience. The spiritual essence he exudes, elevates the intensity of the personal transformation.
— Susan Ecker, MSW, LCSW
I did not know what to expect with my session with [Rabbi B], but I’m so happy that I decided to partake in it. Much more intuitive than your traditional psychologist or therapist who merely sit there and take notes the majority of their time, [Rabbi B] was very interactive, helping me find my direction within life, the courage to begin moving toward it and the motivation to keep going and see it through.
— Eric Abts
Rabbi B has helped me become more self-aware and responsible for my actions. His love and compassion shines in his teachings. He guides with empathy, compassion and without judgement. He has made me a better man and Doctor, allowing me to better serve others. This man has a gift of bringing out the best in people. I am forever grateful for his insights and direction. A true sage.
— Dr. Ilan Amar
There is no question that Baruch possesses extraordinary counseling skills. Reading his book convinced me that he has the ability to see far beyond the obvious, that his compassion and intuition arrive from a highly talented counselor. I have witnessed personally his ability to help those confronted by serious dilemmas in a manner that is both brilliant to watch and simple to comprehend. I would never hesitate to approach him with any problem, large or small, knowing that I am placing my concerns in the hand of an advisor who will offer both the compassionate and logical help I require. Whether dealing with death, grief, anger, resentment or even a simple every day concern, Baruch will find the solution his client requires. There is something deeply spiritual as well as practical about this man, creating a most exceptional, startling and compelling combination.
— Phyllis Karas, author of "An Actor and a Gentleman," the biography of Louis Gossett Jr.
If one is seeking counseling of any kind I must recommend Rabbi Dr. Baruch Halevi, who is a top-notch person in this field. His compassion for his fellow human beings along with his passion for life, makes him so apart from others in the field! From personal experience I must recommend this highly talented young man to anyone who seeks peace of mind. his unique style of working with people, he, in my estimation, is one of the finest human beings I have ever encountered and just knowing him and working with him has enriched my life forever—and I cannot say that about many people I have met on this life’s journey.
— Dr. Jerry Rosen
Death, Grief, Sadness, Loss, Change - none of it is easy! Having never lost I wasn’t able to clearly understand how painful losing a loved one was/is. I feel shattered, I feel lonely, I am angry and I am sad. I did not feel like I could get through this on my own and felt like I needed help. I needed guidance, someone who understood the pain I was feeling during the stages of grief I was going through and fortunately I have the support I need from Dr. HaLevi. Baruch doesn’t spend our time telling me how I should feel or how I should grieve. He talks with me, listens to me, prompts me to ask myself how I will find the light, the happiness, how I will find the blessings in my life, how I will make it through the sadness. During our video sessions together he provides me with what I need to ride this grief journey.
— Debora Linsky