What Is Soulwork

Soulwork are opportunities to clarify your thoughts, harness your energy and unleash the power of your soul, allowing you to move through your crossroads, onto your path and on your way to fulfilling your deepest calling, ultimate purpose and reason for being in this lifetime. Through a variety of journaling, mindfulness and physical movement exercises, tools and practices, extracted from the best practice of a myriad of religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism), disciplines (Psychology, Positive Psychology, Organizational Psychology), Spiritual Practices, Self-Help and more, Soulwork will allow you to maximize your potential, and accelerate your growth, through engaging your body, mind and soul along your journey.

Although Soulwork is used in conjunction with Baruch's Life Coaching program, serving as the connective tissue between coaching sessions, equally, Soulwork stands on its own as an invaluable resource in helping you navigate your crossroads with greater clarity, direction and purpose. Baruch offers Soulwork free of charge to the public. It is his gift to you in helping you find your way. 

Please be sure to check back frequently to www.Bhalevi.com for new Soulwork updates and additions. The Way is a continuously evolving philosophy and practice. You are not alone on your journey. Baruch, his Soulwork tools, and this growing community of fellow travelers are all here you, by your side, every step of The Way.



The following are three different ways to access Soulwork. There is no right, or wrong way, to utilize Soulwork. You can pick and choose, follow it methodically or turn to whatever you feel moved to engage depending on the day, your crossroads or your mood. 

CROSSROADS are some simple, foundational tools to help you get started, clarify your current crossroads and begin to gently move forward, helping to ease you onto your path

PATHFINDERS is a structured methodology, step-by-step, walking through your crossroads, helping you to move forward along your path.

TRAILBLAZERS is everything combined plus all of the continuously updated, refined and expanded Soulwork opportunities. 

Crossroads  soulwork

Simple starter tools to help you identify your current crossroads, clarify your obstacles, articulate your desired goals, envision a plan to move forward and reset your path.


Pathfinders soulwork

A more complex, nuanced set of exercises to help you move clearly onto your path, push through your barriers and advance along journey in a methodical, sustainable and inspirational way.


Trailblazers soulwork

An ongoing, continuously updated toolbox of ALL THE SOULWORK opportunities. Trailblazers is for anyone, at any point along their journey and the place to check back for updates.