Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi's Counseling, Coaching & Guidance Services

in addition to Baruch's formal packages (The Way & Mystical Mourning), he offers a wide array of Individual counseling, coaching & guidance services to a diverse clientele. 

Grief guidance:

Grief Guidance is for anyone, at any point, along the journey through the grieving process.

Soul coaching:

Soul Coaching is Life Coaching with soul, a pro-active, practical and inspirational opportunity to confront one's life, deepen one's commitments, re-examine one's choices and live one's dreams once and for all.

divorce direction:

Divorce Direction is for anyone contemplating, in the midst of, or on the other side of a divorce. You don't have to navigate this process alone. Baruch will work with you to move through your struggles, discover your voice and reclaim your power, as you live again, thrive again and love again. 

executive coaching:

Baruch works with professionals from numerous industries, to become more effective communicators, clarify their direction and discover the true meaning and purpose not only in what they do, but who they are, within and beyond their profession.

spiritual integration:

Spiritual Integration is for Rebecca Rosen's clients, helping them to integrate the spiritual messages they receive through Rebecca into their lives in meaningful, practical and sustainable ways. 

Spiritual counseling: 

Spiritual Counseling offers clients a safe, nurturing and empathetic environment to confront, explore and work through any intellectual, emotional or spiritual questions, struggles, opportunities or crises they are experiencing.