Wake Up Early & Soul Play


Do you wake up between the hours of 3-5 a.m.?

It's not just because your getting older and prostate getting bigger (OK, maybe that's part of it). The real reason, however, is that is when your soul is eagerly calling you.

On a spiritual level, that is when the energy is clean, clear and quiet. This is why the great mystics throughout history would traditionally rise between midnight and this time and pray.

On a mental, physical and emotional level, it is because the pursuits of yesterday, the focus on things, needs, stuff, the noise in our head... it has settled down. We've had a few hours of sleep to cleanse our attachments and subdue our ego. That's when your soul wants you to wake up, come out and play.

Meditate, yoga, journal or just sit with coffee in hand and contemplate.... There is no wrong way to Soul Play.

Don't go back to sleep. Just get up and wake up and WAKE UP and play.

I promise you, you won't be tired, you'll be energized, and it will transform your day. Your Soul is calling are you listening?


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