Spark Seekers & the Journey

All of the great mystical traditions begin with a journey of an individual.

Shakyamuni sets forth on a journey and Buddhism arises within his footsteps.

Abraham sets forth on a journey and becomes the founding father of the three great western monotheistic religions.

Moses leads the Israelites on the infamous journey of the Exodus giving birth to Judaism.

Jesus makes a journey and transforms the world like no other.

Confucius, Mohammed, Joseph Smith…. the list is long, the common denominator is clear - great religions are founded by great men and women who make a journey of personal sacrifice, anguish and pain. Each of them, battling their respective darkness, goes to great lengths to transform that darkness into personal and communal light.

We were not put into this reality to sit on the sidelines and simply talk about these mystics and mystical traditions.Rather, each of us was put here to make our own journey, confront our own darkness and discover our own light.

Every great man and women since the Buddha, Moses and Jesus has walked a darkened path. What made them great was not their journey through the darkness, but the sparks of light they discovered along their path. There are sparks waiting for us to discover within our darkness. There is light that you and you alone were placed here to discover as you make your journey from the darkness to light.