A Void Dance

The Void Dance

When death rips someone from our lives, what is left at the center is a void.

No matter how much time has passed since their death, the void is always there. The question isn’t whether or not there is a void, the question is whether or not we admit it, confront it and deal with it? More often than not, however, we don’t.

We don’t admit the void.
We don’t confront the void.
We don’t deal with the void.
Some do. Many don’t.

Instead, our first inclination is often to deny the void, or run from it, as we spend our days, in a myriad of ways, trying to dance around the void. This is why it is called, “avoidance,” because, on many levels, it is a dance around the void or is- a-void-dance.

Dancing around the void, however, will neither bring back our loved one, nor will it make the void go disappear.

When we do the void dance the void only grows bigger.
When we do the void dance the void always grows darker.
When we do the void dance all we do is feed it with our fears and it subtly, or not so subtly, slowly, or not so slowly, syphons off our energy, drains us of our spirit, and ultimately comes to dominate our life.

There are possibilities in the void.
There are opportunities in the void.
There is light within the void.

If you are in the void - keep moving through it.
If, however, you are doing the void dance, maybe it’s time to stop, to face it, and to walk, run, even dance your way through it.

Take back your voice.
Reclaim your choice.
Own your power.
Dance through, not around, the void.

Baruch HaLevi