Sometimes Authenticity Stinks


This weeks conversation (radio, blog, podcast…) has been about authenticity. As always, I had my philosophy challenged by my children.

One of my kids refused to take a shower before his class Hanukah party. Let’s just say he was well past his "sell by" date. His five year old response, “I don’t want to. I don’t care if I smell,” was essentially, “this is my authentic smell. You deal with it. This is me. The smell is your problem not mine.”

On some level, he was right.

The truth is, just because something is authentically us, doesn’t mean we have to, or even should, share it with the world. After all, our authentic self sometimes stinks. Authentic authenticity is about learning what, how, when and where to share. Not everything is worthy of sharing, and frankly sometimes we should probably refrain from bearing all - particularly when it smells like a bear! Sometimes authenticity should be unleashed. Other times, like when you are about to be crowned as the Hanukah king, you need to put authenticity aside and just take a dam bath.

Happy Hanukah & Merry Christmas