End Of Week Reflections: The Dip, Don't Quit, Cultivate Desire & Push Through To Authenticity!

This week I wrote about and spoke about “desire.

” One of the things I referred to was “the Dip.” The Dip is when you find yourself at the bottom of that uphill climb. It arises in relationships, professions or anything worthwhile. It’s there to test your sincerity and, well, your desire.

I know this is true in my life. This past year has been a lot of Dips for me and my family. New country, new culture, new language, new profession. Every time I go jogging, this hill is what I always have to finish on. Now I see it as a symbol of the journey I’ve been on and the Dips that have come, and keep coming. Now I lean into it, keep climbing, one foot after another. And where does that energy to keep climbing come from? Desire.

You facing a Dip in your life? Lean into even more. And how do you do that? Cultivate your desire. For more on desire you can read, watch or listen on my my blog or media pages.

Have a Peaceful Sabbath, Soulful Sunday & Desire filled Weekend.

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