Unholy Silence 5: Be Prepared

If you are going to give voice to the unholy silence in your life, be prepared.

Unholy silences are silent for a reason - someone or something wants it that way.

Unholy silences are often protected fiercely by individuals, families and communities. Those who try to speak out about them aren't usually received with open arms.

You mess with an unholy silence and there will be consequences. You may lose a friend. You might become estranged from family. You might be subtly, or not so subtly, banished from a community.

But you know what - so what!

Anyone who conspires to protect the unholy silences, or keep you within the unholy silence isn't really your friend; not a community you need to be a part of; and, even if they are family by blood, they are not your true family. Family isn't blood - family is bond and there is no bond if someone demands you live within the unholy silence and darkness.

Speak your truth.
Use your voice.
Live out loud.
Shatter the unholy silence and accept the consequences. For those who want to carry the fire there is no other way.

Baruch HaLevi