Unholy Silence 7: You’re Not Listening

When you are within the darkness, any kind of darkness, but particularly after loss - there is nothing worse than being around others and not feeling seen, not feeling heard, not feeling understood.

Sometimes it’s lonelier being with people who don’t listen to you than being alone.

Sometimes you just have to speak up, speak out, tell them that you feel invisible, feel misunderstood, feel like they aren’t listening.

Here is a poem to remind you, you are not alone. You need to be heard. You deserve to be listened to.

 “You’re Not Listening,” author unknown.

Are you listening when I talk to you ?

Do you even care what I'm going through

Your eyes are staring, staring right through me

You're right there, and it's as if you never knew me

I scream but you don't hear a sound

I guess it's hard to hear when you're never around

You've never listened to a thing I've said

It's like you've forgotten me, like I'm already dead

As if I'm non-existent to you

You'll never listen, no matter what I do.

It's not like it matters what I say

You won't listen anyway

With every day this problem only gets worse

If it's you who won't listen, why must I be cursed ?

I wish you could, but you'll never understand

Why the distance between us will only expand

You don't know how I really feel

You don't get the point that this is all too real

I find it quite absurd

How my voice goes on unheard

I'm running out of ways to get through to you

I'm at a loss of what to do

I shout the things you'll never hear

I scream my feelings into your ear

Yet you till won't listen to me

I know you don't care, than much I can see

You may say my voice doesn't mean a thing

But its time you started listening

Baruch HaLevi