Unholy Silence

We’ve all heard the refrain that silence is golden. Yet there is another type of silence, what I have come to call unholy silence, which is anything but golden. The Genevan Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death.” 

Unholy silences are oppressive, creating havoc and chaos and bringing us anything but calm or quiet. Unholy silences are those moments when something could have been said and should have been said, but wasn’t.

In previous generations, when it came to what was acceptable subject matter for conversation there was a tremendous amount which was deemed unsuitable: illness and disease, sex, divorce, mental illness and abortion all were in the realm of unholy silence.

I'm grateful we live in an era where unholy silences are fewer and farther between. However, don't think for a second they are gone. There are many unholy silences still ringing loudly in our ears.

What are those unholy silences in your life?

Don’t live enshrouded in unholy silence.
Don’t let others languish within unholy silence.
Speak up. Speak out. Shatter the silence.

Baruch HaLevi