Go With The Flow. NO?



That's the word I end up using constantly to describe what it is I am looking for in my life, what those whom I guide are longing to experience and what we all want to know.

What is flow?

All the lights are green. Everything is clicking. All systems are go. It's that feeling of YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

That is why when the distractions arise, the detours call out to us or the detractors step in, we need to say, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Often, in order to find Flow or continue to flow it's not about YES, its about learning to say NO.

You want to GO WITH THE FLOW?

It's not about being a hippie, or selfless or carefree - "hey man no problem, it's all good dude, no worries brother....." It's about being self-centered, self-caring and self aware enough to fully, freely and fiercely say NO!

Peace dude,