Poem - The Power of NO

Here’s a poem that helps remind me of the importance of saying “NO” when I need to say No. 
Receive this poem.
Heed this poem.
And live your life saying "YES" to everything you want and need to say YES to and saying "NO" to everything you want and need to say NO.
There is love, compassion and power in saying, YES.
But there is equally love, compassion and power in saying, NO.

Check back this week for my blog, radio replay and podcast all on centering yourself with the power of saying, "NO." 

Baruch HaLevi

The Power of NO. 
-author unknown

The most powerful word in the English language.
In any language.
Is Yes a close second? NO. Not close. NO is first.
NO is the ability to refuse. Reject. Abstain. Refuse. Willpower.
Self-discipline. Thumbs down.
Guts. Intestinal fortitude. Nerve. Veto. NO.
Billions have died because they could not say the word.
People live in misery, because they could not say the word.
A coward says yes. A hero says NO.
NO is courage. NO is vital. NO is concrete.
Stronger than any of the world’s terrors.
From a nation of millions to a single mind.
The inability to say no got me where I am.
When yes means no, Hell follows. That simple.
I wish I could say the word more. I pray I could.
Don’t pray for the power of yes. Pray for the power of NO. Pray often.
Can’t say NO?  Say “doomed.” Because you are.
NO is freedom.  NO is the blessing of every thinking creature.
NO stops decease. NO stops dependence. NO is free will.
NO stops.
NO can even stop death.
Halts.  Ends. And begins.
There is hope.
Say the word once.
You may not die.
If you do, you’ll die on your terms.
The inability to say NO is death anyway.
Think NO.
God is yes.
God, however, is equally, NO.
God certainly loves us through saying “Yes.”
God, however, loves us just as much through saying, "NO".
Be strong.
Be powerful.
Be godlike. 
Exercise your strength, your power and your godliness, simply by saying, "NO."