The Infinite Flame

Continuing with the metaphor of the soul as a flame, there’s another compelling reason to adopt this imagery and language. The Jewish mystics teach that the real beauty of the flame is that it is potentially infinite. Of course all flames are eventually snuffed out, however, before that moment comes, they can be lit from, their fire transferred and passed across space and handed down through time.

Just think about that! You can light from a candle, pass it on to another and another and another.

No matter how long, or how brief, that flame was in this world, no matter if it was a mere flicker or raging bonfire, that flame can ignite another and another yet, and keep going, keep burning, keep lighting the way for as long as it is nurtured, held on to and carried from candle to candle.

And even more remarkable, the flame is not diminished when we draw from it. On the contrary, the moment it is passed on, it only increases in warmth and light. And once that flame gives birth to another flame, the two are forever intertwined with one another, and with every flame that is ignited after that.

When our loved one dies, their candle is gone, however, make no mistake about it, their flame lives on. It lives on in their work. It lives on in their love. It lives on in you and through you.

Their flame is your flame.

As long as you carry their fire, as long as you share their fire, as long as you love, live and give of your fire - their flame continues to warm and illuminate a cold and darkened world.

Carry their fire
Share their fire
Live, give and love and their flame will continue on…..

Baruch HaLevi