Abracadabra - The Magic Of Speech

The word used for a modern magical incantation, “abracadabra,” is really an ancient Aramaic phrase appearing in the Talmud numerous times. The original phrase was, “avrah k’dabrah,” which means, “I will create as I speak.” There is nothing more magical than speech.

Speech is real. Speech is creative. Speech, more than any other attribute or activity has the power to illuminate the darkness no matter how impenetrable it might seem.

Speech can create. Speech can also destroy.
When someone loses a loved one their world grows darkened, cold and silent. Although there are many ways to bring light and warmth back into their lives, there is nothing more illuminating than speech.

Speak to those who are grieving.
Speak to them gently, kindly, compassionately.
Speak to them words of hope and inspiration.
Choose your words thoughtfully and carefully but speak.

And if you are mourning a loved one, if you are within grief’s darkness, there many ways, resources and possibilities to help you navigate the darkness. However, there’s nothing more powerful than speech.

Speak your way through the darkness. 
Speak your way through the grief. 
Speak your way through the loneliness, suffering and despair.
Speak to your spouse, your children, and your family about your sorrow. 
Speak to your friends about your suffering. 
Speak to your minister, priest or rabbi about your doubts.
Speak to God (or yell) about your anger. 
Speak to whomever you need to speak to, it’s just important that you speak.

Speech is the greatest gift we’ve been given. It can be divine if we use it properly and destructive if we don’t, or don’t use it at all.

With each and every word of compassion, love, honesty and truth you will create sparks within the dark.

There is a way to illuminate the darkness and it begins with the light, power and magic of speech.

Baruch HaLevi