Be The Change & Be Quiet About Your Beliefs: How Liberals & Conservatives Can Live Together Post Trump

Enough with dinner table politics, arguing with the in-laws or going head to head with your parents. 

Stop with the Facebook political fighting, mud slinging and name calling. 

No more cocktail party political baiting (asking, “what do you think about Trump?” to a Republican, at least at this moment in time, has nowhere to go but downhill, you know that!). 

Find The Divine In Lulu’s, Lionel or Love Making (In The Dunes of the Cape)

For fifteen years I was a synagogue rabbi and helped to create what I called, “A Revolution of Jewish Spirit.” I’m proud that I was able to lead the way in reinvigorating two dying synagogues, helping them merge and transform into a center of spirituality and love. My congregation became a center for anyone (Jewish, Christian, Atheist) seeking something more, something bigger, something beautiful - for those seeking Soul!  

Please God give me a sign. Please God, give me ANOTHER sign!

Oh, c'mon. you have said it. I don’t care how rationale, skeptical, or “devout” an Atheist you are. When your back was against the wall, when someone you loved was hanging on for dear life, when your ass was in one of those foxholes (where do you actually find one of those things anyways?), you were bargaining with God, cutting backroom deals with the Divine, or just outright calling in favors and asking for signs. 


As a spiritual guide and life coach, I see the consequences of this all the time. When we come to believe that we are our body, we are our appearance, we are the face staring back in the mirror, we always end up suffering. We begin placing too much, if not most of, our attention on these insatiable pursuits and spend our days futility chasing after an illusion. 

Authentically Answering The Question, What's Your Net Worth? (aka "What Do You Do?")

You are more than your job. You are more than all of your activities. You are more than the sum total of what you do, no matter how worthy “Sweating To The Oldies" with Richard Simmons might be. Those are all pieces of you (I might keep some of those things to myself if I were you), but they are not you (see my last blog).