Ariela HaLevi, MSW, is a Counselor, Life Coach, Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner, incorporating all of her training, skills and passions into her own, unique blend of mind-body-spirit guidance helping women listen to, love and live their Soul's Calling. 


Ariela's journey

Ariela was born and raised in Encino, CA, where she lived until venturing off to University of California, San Luis Obispo, where she received her B.S. in Animal Science in 1996. Shortly after, Ariela decided she wanted to become trained as a therapist and began her coursework at Long Beach State University, and in 1999 received her Masters in Social Work. 

Ariela grew up in a very secular environment in Los Angeles and always felt a longing for something more within her life. After years of struggling with food related issues, Ariela began to formally seek out a deeper, more spiritual pathway, not only to deal with nutrition, but also to cultivate a more soulful approach to life in general. 


It was then that Ariela found her way back to Judaism where she fell in love with Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and Jewish spiritual practice. It was also during this time that she fell in love with a young rabbinical intern (he had already fallen in love with her prior), named Baruch HaLevi. Soon afterwards, Ariela and Baruch married and spent their honeymoon year abroad, living and developing their spiritual practice within Israel. 

During this time Ariela practiced as a Social Worker within various organizations and group settings, while also continuing to personally explore her growing passion for yoga and Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practice. While practicing as a Social Worker, Ariela also began formally studying various forms of coaching, spiritual guidance and alternative healing, eventually receiving certification as a Reiki practitioner, a Life Purpose Coach, a Holistic Health Coach and Yoga instructor. 

Spiritual Community

Baruch HaLevi with his family

Upon Baruch's ordination the couple accepted their first rabbinic position in Des Moines, IA and four years later in Swampscott, MA, where they spent the next decade creating one of the most successful Jewish spiritual centers in the country, attracting seekers from all religions and backgrounds. Ariela's efforts revolved around infusing yoga, meditation, mindfulness practice and holistic health into the congregation, worship services and numerous other communal settings and venues. It was also during this time when she began to cultivate her private practice, working with women seeking healing from varying illnesses, looking to have a healthier relationship with food, navigating life's struggles and suffering with greater purpose, and generally seeking more meaning and and spirituality within their daily life. 


In 2015 Ariela and Baruch made a decision to follow their own individual, family and professional soul's calling, announcing to their beloved congregation and community that they were moving to Israel to follow their dream of living on a mountain top in the north of Israel. For the past two years, they have each been developing their respective counseling practices, by phone/video-conference, and moving toward formally establishing a shared practice and community, together. The Soul's Calling is the culmination of Ariela's and Baruch's lifelong dream to create a shared counseling practice, and spiritual community (virtual and physical), offering their clients and community of Soul Seekers, a more holistic pathway to discovering, cultivating and living their Soul's Calling. In addition to coaching individual clients, they recently launched The Soul's Calling Facebook page and will soon begin offering The Soul's Calling Sunday Online Spiritual Experience providing meditation, yoga and meaningful conversation. Someday their dream is to create The Soul's Calling retreats within the U.S. and Israel. 


Above all else, Ariela's greatest accomplishment, prides and joys is being the mother of four beautiful souls in Yuda (14), Maya (11), Shosh (8) and Aviv (5), her deep, passionate love affair with Baruch and her intense love and devotion to her dog and three cats - aka "her other soulmates." 

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Shalom - Peace - Namastei